Gathering Color(s)

All sorts of colors show up when our heads are up, our eyes are wide open, and our ears are bent appropriately.

How bright are the colors that shine when we’re present with our moments and paused in wonderment of the galaxies that hold what’s next?

Vast varieties of colors with no names – just universal vibes – arrive when a soul offers availability to learn, a heart is checked by such a learned soul, and an open mind is sustained by such an in check heart.

A work of art starts with the work of gathering something to paint with…immediately followed by having something to paint for.

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Yes & No (Part 2)

If you want to be a cynic, there’s plenty to be cynical about.

If you want to be skeptic, there’s plenty to be skeptical about.

And then there’s beauty, joy, hope, and even life itself, that is asking for your ‘yes’ as well.

May we choose our ‘yes’s’ and ‘no’s’ well and wisely. We only have so many we can fit into our days and they can never be outsourced.

Here’s part 1. 

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Oh how fast weird can turn into normal.

Not long ago – about 60 days – we weren’t pouring buckets of ice on our heads.

Butterflies get all the credit.

Hooray for caterpillars.

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“Attention is the commodity in the currency of time.” Tim Ferriss

I heard this on Tim’s podcast today and it sat heavy on me.

Where we pay attention, we spend our energy.

As our energy goes, so goes our music.

As our music plays, so our story is written.

It all begins with our attention. Protect it.

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The Japanese have a word that means “leave it to me.” The word is omakase.

The beauty behind omakase is the theme of trust and creativity it offers when communicated. Mostly, you’ll find the word in sushi restaurants on the menu when the guest wants the chef to do his thing, his art, and his craft with freedom and fish in-lieu of ordering random selections a la carte.

Omakase is a two-way street. It’s an offer of ‘leave it to me’ and it’s a trusting acceptance of ‘I’ll leave it to you’.

However, you’re probably not going to be given a blank canvas until we’ve seen what you have painted before. Most omakase is earned.

Or put another way, you probably need to start dazzling before you’re asked to dazzle.

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