iOS 8

When is the last time you renewed, refreshed, recharged, and revamped what’s on the inside?

Like I said yesterday, it’s easy to forget about skin and bones in a world that portrays itself to be powered by buttons and batteries.

And herein lies the gospel of You…you’ll never need a wi-fi code to connect. You came preloaded with everything you need. It appears we could all just use some reminders and awareness to always keep honing our instruments that we arrived here with.

You are now free to move about the cosmos.

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It’s easy to forget…

Conversations > Clicks

Meaning > Money

Human thumbprint > Digital footprint

Why > How

Stories > Facts

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Who could you call that is smarter than you? Call them.

What could you read to stretch your understanding? Read it.

As you expand you make more room to hold more of what we’re here to experience.


Take notes.

Turn the page.

Flip the switch.

Keep going.


The music needs its space.

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What’s the best thing you can do with assumptions?

Question them.

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Little steps into big things

We listen to the music, but we may just need a few lyrics.

We read books in hopes that just one line may speak to us.

We journal about the day to reflect on a moment.

Inches of enlightenment sprinkle across our miles.

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