Don’t forget to leverage…

….just how beautifully small the world is.

Chances are there is someone out there, close by, maybe across the table, hall, or street, that can help you get where you’re wanting to go with your music.

Shake hands.

Give some hugs.

Write thank you notes.

Check your ego at the door.

We call this ‘neighborin‘ where I’m from.

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The Library and The Art of Being a Librarian

Education and providing the pathway to learning is now the inception of a sale. Before people buy, click, or swipe they go learn. Which is where you come in.

For your industry, line of work, or art, while Google may provide the answers, we still need you to illuminate, shadow, or frame them for us.

Selling is over.

You must teach.

Which means you must, first, learn. Which means you must study. Which means you must prepare.

The Internet = The Library.

You = The Librarian.

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Build It

You build a brand. You can’t buy it.

You build character. You can’t inherit it.

You build relationships. You don’t click them.

The most important part of the Empire State building, or whatever you’re building, is what you can’t see.

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Are You There?

Every segment of your life you can choose or choose not to participate in.

Unfortunately, today, “checking in” somewhere is the easiest way to check out.

What happens when your phone knows your global position, but you don’t?

If you’re there (and if you’re reading this you are there somewhere), wherever ‘there ‘ is, you have a role in the story that’s unfolding.

Awareness is The Great Predecessor of all worthy ideals.

It goes be, do, have. Not have, do, be.

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Chip and Putt

No matter your industry, passion, or art there’s probably something that gets most of the attention (the driver), but for those that see how things truly are they know it’s really about something else in the bag.

Every guy wearing a green jacket points the blame at his putter.

I’ve yet to experience a eulogy, acceptance speech, or award ceremony that mentioned Twitter.

Looks like this is becoming a tradition.



Keep calm. It’s Masters week.

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