Bill Gross looked at how and why some startups succeed and how and why others don’t.

His findings may surprise you.

If you’ve got an idea stirring in your head, confirm the timing with the potential customers.

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Summer Mantras

  • All there’s left to do is enjoy.
  • Now > Then and There.
  • Like fireworks, we pull apart the dark.” Sleeping At Last
  • Rest until you feel like playing, then play until you feel like resting.” Martha Beck

I hope you have yours.

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The Word for That…

‘I understand’…the word for that is camaraderie.

The breath in our lungs..the word for that is grace.

The electricity of uncertainty…the word for that is possibility.

Something from no-thing…the word for that is art.

Then there is the word that becomes a sentence that becomes a song…the word for that is you.

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In The Mix.

Since our office is with moments, let us husband them. Ralph Waldo Emerson

If you want to be a cynic, there’s plenty to be cynical about.

If you want to be a pessimist, there’s plenty to be pessimistic about.

You may choose or have chosen this in the past, but I don’t think that’s what you’re truly after.

The further and longer you look into the cosmos – which you are in by the way – the more you start to hear, feel, and see it all as a poem…not a problem and not an algorithm.

If you want to live fully, thrive in the highest sense, and reap the satisfaction of active participation with the present moment before you then simply ask your moments to share with you where you belong in the mix.

There will be your place.

And that place will most likely be some form or feeling synonymous with joy.

Two things we want from our moments and days: belonging and joy.

Ask and you shall receive.

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