The Paths to Lighter and Brighter.

The path that gets us to becoming lighter is the one that is more and more about less and less.

The path that gets us to becoming brighter is the one that embraces mystery.

As you approach another New Year’s Day (just 39 days from now), may you ponder ways to lighten your load and walk with wide-eyed wonder.

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The Giver’s Heart

It gives because it gets to.

It gives because it has to.

It expects no return.

It doesn’t think in terms of ping pong.

It just finds joy in being the giving/enlightening/awakening ping.

This will free you if you will let it.


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Luxury Questions

Will luxury tomorrow be equal to an empty calendar? Wasn’t having nothing to do recently a problem?

Or could it be said that luxury may be becoming a place, a point, or a state of mind without the metaphorical cell phone signal? What if having no connection was the remedy to actually getting you connected again to yourself and the world at large.

Very recently, we were all thinking, “If I just had……”

Now, it appears there’s a down shift in the making to “If I just didn’t have…….”

Typing out loud…but I think there’s something here to look into.


PS – Remember to jump on over to Instagram for Project November, December: Gratitude to Joy. It’s getting interesting.


I had a client thank me today. The kind of thank you where we both felt that something more than a transaction had just taken place. Something human.

In the mail today, I got a note from a friend and one from a family member. They were the kind of notes that nudge the universe a bit. The kind of notes that only a human could write.

Let’s do an exercise.

Draw a circle and then write ‘us’ in the middle.

When unity becomes a shade of joy you learn to color with you’ll find yourself in an ocean of beauty.

And here’s the question….just how big can we get this circle?

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