Similes and Metaphors

What you want is to do and create something fresh, something new, and bring forth to the world something you’ve seen between the lines, that only you can see, and that we need to see. Therein lies a reason to spring out of bed in the morning and an avenue to sleep well at night.

By the very definition of ‘you’ your pursuit should not be to be, become, or produce a simile with your life, brand, and business.

The goal, or better yet, your role, is to be and bring us a metaphor.

Comparing similes and metaphors, it appears a metaphor is the stronger of the two rhetorical analogies to label your days with.

Let’s say this another way, your unlikeness is worth more to us and to yourself than your uniformity is.

This goes for you, your brand, and your music.

Teaching us to fly >Trying to “Be Like Mike”.

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You’re The Host

Invite yesterday into today and you will most likely be weighed down with what you haven’t done or completed thus far. Also known as guilt.

Invite tomorrow into today and your mind will be pulled adrift into a future that’s not truly known. Also known as anxiety.

Yesterday will tell you today that you’re incomplete and tomorrow will tell you today that there’s a better form of yourself available down the road.

However, you’re the host today.

You make the guest list.

And please don’t forget to invite yourself.

When you invite yourself into your “now’s’, you then walk into consciousness, clarity, vision, and peace. Which leads to rhythm. Which leads to purpose. Which leads to meaning. Which leads to fulfillment.

Our daily battle in all of our moments is typically one between the fog of our past and an idolized future form of self.

Human Being > Human Having.

Human Being > Human Doing.

Whisper words of wisdom, let it (us) be.

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Draft Picks

1) Yourself.

2) Progress.


If YOU’re not on the field, the ball won’t just MOVE itself.

Einstein was here first with this thought. “Nothing happens until something moves.”

Everyday the lottery pick is yours.

And that something Albert was talking about is you.

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We See Better When You Shine

It’s no longer the corporate race to the top or a discount race to the bottom that wins. Rather, it’s the waltz of connection, the glow of enlightenment, and the rays that shine from swapping the holiest of all commodities – information.

There are no more jobs left. Just the work you were sent here to do.

It’s impossible for your future to look dim if you’re willing to shine in that role.

A protagonist is someone who knows what they want and overcomes conflict to get it.

So shine and #WriteYourStory.

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Don’t forget to leverage…

….just how beautifully small the world is.

Chances are there is someone out there, close by, maybe across the table, hall, or street, that can help you get where you’re wanting to go with your music.

Shake hands.

Give some hugs.

Write thank you notes.

Check your ego at the door.

We call this ‘neighborin‘ where I’m from.

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